E-Commerce Forum

GEF is a two-day specialized forum of a new format, uniting e-commerce sellers from all over the world! No ties, no paper business cards and no boredom...

This event is designed for e-commerce entrepreneurs who want to find business partners/team/investors and are ready to share their experience and gain practical knowledge!
While developing a brand together with the cool customer team, we realized that the main value of the event should be the venue. It will unite people with common interests and create a powerful synergy.

Together with the coolest line-up, we offer the best opportunities for communication and experience sharing with the participants. This approach has become the main positioning of the profile platform.
Key deals are made not in offices and messengers, but over a glass of champagne, communicating with like-minded people.
The venue concept provided a basis of the graphic implementation

Global E-commerce Forum is a place where investors meet new startups, entrepreneurs meet new teams, vendors meet services, and sales meet marketing. This platform brings people together, motivates and provides multiple growth opportunities.
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