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StockWorld. Also, was held corporate identity development. The problem of resource - coverage of the stock market of Ukraine in all its manifestations.

StockWorld focused on the preparation of information and analytical materials, interviews, coverage of current events in the financial market, in particular the activities of the stock community. Technology video stream will move into the thick of things online. In addition, setting a goal of financial literacy in Ukraine, in their submissions revision resource explains algorithms and mechanisms of various procedures and processes in the securities market, covers the history of the stock market. An important place among the publications occupy stories about life style iconic individual stock market, video content and communication with readers.


Date: 24.11.2014

Project corporate Identity
Corporate Identity Project

Home Portal StockWorld
Home Page

Appearance of the home page can change dramatically every day. Thanks to the tiled structure, each publication can be of arbitrary size in height and single / double / triple - width dimension. This technique makes flexible design feeds update. 


Home Portal StockWorld
Block authorization and registration fluent users of the resource

Authorization and registration of runaway is moved to a convenient unit on the site. This unit is much more convenient to use than the small form to fill out on other sites and does not translate into additional pages. In the first place, the user is convenient because This form allows you to make all objects large enough (this is important when navigating finger); second, there is the opportunity to place the key descriptions for what exactly the user must register on the resource; in the third, there is room for additional features that may appear in the future.



Block authorization or registration fluent
Publish Page

In addition to the text - are used to tie the automatic publication in twitter reader. Also, the active selection of similar materials to continue reading.



Publish Page
Calendar of Events

To the user of the site has always been aware of the events, the portal provides an active calendar of events. This calendar is as administration of the resource, and any registered user. This calendar can easily become an advertising platform for any thematic activity.



Calendar of Events
  Event page

On this page displays information about a particular event. The user has the opportunity to become familiar with the program, download the necessary files, view and print out a map, to comment on the upcoming event, as well as see the lists of people who will attend the event and to make their choice.


Also, the resource is automatically offers a list of events that might interest the user, based on the topics, dates and so on....



event page

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